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To produce work that is original and creative.



Ncubate Studios

[N]cubate studios is a Digital Mobile, Social and Casual game content creation company. It is passionately involved in creating original content at the same time collaborating with our clients and customers in helping them create and develop their own.



  • Built a high quality game asset production team from scratch here in Beijing creating premium content for our clients worldwide. Responsibilities include overseeing day to day operations of the studio, appointing, training and delegating leads and departmental heads, ensuring long term customer satisfaction by maintaining reliable and scaleable project retainers, teams and resources.Provide Artistic and Technical direction to produce work with the highest quality standards in a timely fashion.
  • Major clients include Kabam, DeNa, EA, Zynga, Amazon


Mindwalk Studios
Digital Art and Animation studio in Beijing. Produces digital content for clients in a variety of mediums.

Lead Character Artist


  • Provide Artistic and Technical direction to produce work with the highest quality standards in a timely fashion.
  • Plan the project, come up with a time schedule, delegate work and ensure delivery phases and milestones are kept within control.
  • Make deliveries to the customer, maintain communication with their Art and Technical leads, get feedback/reviews and communicate this to the Team members.
  • Ensure the final product captures the essence of the original concept as directed by the client. Make Artistic and technical choices where concept provided is not clear or there is an absence of a concept altogether.
  • Train and Motivate team members.


  • Currently working on 'Dante's Inferno', a fantasy based game for Electronic Arts.
  • Recently finished 'DeadSpace', an original IP created by Electronic Arts. I worked as Lead character artist on about 25 characters we did for the realistic science fiction horror game.
  • 'The Simpsons' by Electronic Arts. Lead a team of 10 on an 18 month Project to create Characters and objects for the video game based on the popular North American Television Series.
  • 'Online chess kingdoms' was a PSP game created by Leviathan games for Konami. I Lead a team of 5 on a 6 month project to produce quality assets.


Virtual Light/Mystic Arts
A Digital Art and Animation studio in Beijing. It was targeted as a turnkey solution provider to Special effects, Game and Feature film companies. The studio started out as Virtual Light and later changed its name to Mystic Arts.

Digital Artist

Produce quality models, textures, animations and any other assets required by the project.


  • Created special effects for a Claymation feature called Disaster! I produced special effects like Tornadoes, Explosions, Meteor entry/exit effects etc. All the effects were then composited on to Claymation footage.
  • Created a Promotional video for the Canadian Embassy in Beijing. The video comprised of an interactive DVD which highlighted Canada’s contribution to China. I wore many caps on the project and was involved in procuring and shooting video footage, Editing, compositing, and DVD authoring.
  • Created art for an NCAA basketball game for mobile phones for the company Digital Chocolate. Created pixel sized Player animations, and background art.  
  • Produced renderings for a DC comic publication. JSA Strange Adventures. No1 and No 2. Published Nov 04, Oct 04 in the United States. We were provided with the Line art and were required to flatten (fill flat colors) and then render the pages.
  •  Completed a 2 minute Opening Credit Sequence for a 3D animation television show called Noz and Grakk Alien Abductors. I was responsible for creating Textures, Lighting, Special effects and renders.


MUV Studios
A Digital Art studio in Chennai, India. The studio catered to clients in the Indian Advertisment , Film and Television industry.

Digital Artist

Produce quality assets under direction of the Art Lead.


  • Did conceptual art for the pilot of "Prime Squad" a straight to DVD 3D animated television show aimed at North American markets.
  • Did modeling, lighting and rendering work for the "Prime Squad" DVD pilot.
  • Did modeling work for the Television show "Kiddo the Truck".
  • Created summary 3D assets for various film promo videos.


  • Excellent Project management and leadership skills. I believe in communication, planning ahead and constant monitoring to ensure that Projects get completed on time without anyone having to work beyond their daily eight hours.  I usually delegate milestones and not tasks to team members, so that they have a clear understanding of where they fit in the entire project rather than just the immediate task. 
  • Can produce quality art. I have a great eye for detail and quality and have personally produced work that has helped companies I worked with bag new clients and maintain existing ones.
  • I have a constant urge to create things, be it a model, a painting, a video or a crazy dish!


  • Proficient in the use of Autodesk’s Maya, Pixologic’s ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Illustrator etc. Can learn and use any software if the project demands it.

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